Monday, 2 May 2016

BON - Introduction

BON - The new digital currency

BON is a new digital currency that will be available very soon for you to buy, sell and trade with. Modelled on the Bon PeKao, BON will allow users exclusive access to products as well as the advantages that digital currencies offer over traditional and fiat currencies.

What is a digital currency?

A digital currency, or crypto-currency, is a decentralised and digitised form of money. They are encrypted networks that do not have a singular or central organisation. They have been growing in popularity since 2009 and today there are nearly 800 of them in circulation.

What is BON?

The new BON digital currency is named after the Bon PeKao, a currency used in Poland mainly during the 60’s and 70’s. The Polish population would exchange their foreign currencies to receive Bon PeKao, (or Bony). This local currency could then be spent in specific shops in Poland to buy imported, luxury goods that were unavailable elsewhere.

'Original Bon PeKaO checks looked like this. BON is the cryptocurrency to succeed them.'

BON takes the Bon PeKao and revolutionises it for our modern day! A digital currency, BON will be available for trading, buying and selling products and services around the globe.

But why should you choose to use BON?

The Benefits of BON

Susan Athey, the economics of technology professor at Stanford, tells us that a digital currency is, “a revolutionary technology…[that can] transform how we shop, save and do business in ways we probably cannot even yet fully understand.” Sounds great! Tell me more!

BON costs less

Unlike traditional or fiat currencies, a digital currency does not have difficulties in crossing borders or dealing with foreign exchange rates when trading with users in another country. A BON is a BON the world over! As a result, trading is fast, simple and easy.

And without the need for conversion costs and administration fees, costs really are kept to an absolute minimum.

BON keeps you and your money secure

With BON, both your transactions and your identity stay protected. Fraud is almost unheard of in a digital currency as all transactions are visible in its transparent trading model. In this peer-to-peer system, each trade or purchase must be validated by the wider community of users.

Meanwhile BON will keep your personal information securely away from your transactions. In a digital currency, security is achieved as a community.

Digital currencies reward participation

Based around a community of individuals investing, using, mining and trading with it, each digital currency is strengthened and its use made more widespread as more people join it. Unlike centralised, government regulated currencies, BON will be grown, strengthened and developed by each member of its community – and they will be rewarded for this!

Exclusive products with BON

One reward you will receive, as a BON user, will be exclusive products and services available only to you! Similar to the original Polish currency, you will be able to spend your BON on products and services that any other money can’t buy, literally!

When can you get your first BON?

Soon. We are currently putting the final touches to ensure our digital currency is ready for launch.

For now, keep up-to-date with progress by signing up to the BON Facebook Page.

You’ll be first to know as soon as we are ready to launch!


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Introduction to BON, the new digital currency offering exclusive services and other benefits. Information on the benefits and rewards of choosing BON.